DIAG 2725 Final Notes 2 - Review for final exam Visceral...

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Irritable bowel syndrome may result in melena, stools darkened by the by- products of blood digestion. Pain in the lower left quadrant, nausea, vomiting, change in bowel habits, rebound tenderness are consistent with: Merkel’s diverticulitis Merkel’s diverticulitis is inflammation of an evaginated pouch in the intestines. Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the colon and rectum, without fibrosis. Crohn’s disease (IBS) is a chronic GI inflammatory process that involves ulceration, fibrosis, and malabsorption. The following is an example of something that is not a red flag for headaches: occurs intermittently throughout teen and adult years Red flags for headaches include: recent onset, positional headache, focal neurological signs, cognitive changes, progressive headaches. Know the order of the protocols for patient examinations: vascular, head/neck, chest/thorax, heart, abdomen Sister Mary Joseph nodules may indicate malignancy. Purple striae reflect possible Cushing’s disease. Diastasis recti may be a result of weak abdominal muscles. Know OPRST: onset, pallative or provocative factors, quality of pain, radiating vs localized pain, site, timing (am vs pm) Know the sequence of the history: 1. chief complaint 2. present problem 3. past medical history 4. family history 5. social history
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DIAG 2725 Final Notes 2 - Review for final exam Visceral...

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