DIAG 2725 Lymph Nodes - Vertebro Basilar Insufficiency...

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Vertebro Basilar Insufficiency Syndromes Evaluation and Chiropractic Management, Precautions and Contraindications Statistics from NCMIC Insurance company Risk of VBAI in chiropractic practice is about one in 25 chiropractors practicing full time for 40 years. "The ratio of vertebrobasilar injuries to adjustments performed would be 100 injuries per 100 million adjustments . . . about one in one million.'' Hosek et al. Case Analysis There are 255 accidents described in various publications listed in the references, which occurred over 55 years (1934-1999). More than half are between 30 – 45 years old, with predominancy in women Genetic predisposition has been recently implicated in verterbro basillar vascular accidents According to Terrett: Age, degenerative osseous or vascular conditions do not appear to be important in assessing the patient’s risk. VBAI TESTS Maigne's, Hautant's, Dekleyn's, Barre-Lieou, Fitz-Ritson The validity of these tests has been questioned in many recent publications and presentations The absence of dizziness, or the absence of a positive functional test, or the absence of other signs of arterial trauma, cannot be absolutely interpreted to mean that there is no underlying arteriopathic process in a patient Anatomy The Vertebral Artery The Vertebral Artery Along each side of the cervical column the vertebral artery passes through the transverse foramina from C- 6 to C-1, as it ascends toward the skull to join the other vertebral artery and form the basilar artery at the level of the pons. At the level of C-1/ C-2, it forms a loop, then follows a tortuous path inward toward the cord. Under normal conditions
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DIAG 2725 Lymph Nodes - Vertebro Basilar Insufficiency...

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