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RADD 2501 Final Exam Review 2 - Final Exam Review snot...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Review snot Phys :'-;Z 2 - ' -' How do you clean intensity screens? Use manufacturers cleaner and gauze What color is the filter for rare earth film—screen systems? RED What is the specific name for the red safelight? GBX Can pregnant women take x-rays? YES, Who receives somatic effects of radiation? Exposed patient, these effects are increased ? incidence of cancer, effects on the developing embryo, cataracts, and life span shortening. 4* Why do we leave the developer lid open at night? Cross Contamination of fixer and developer due to condensation 2. Describe the degree and direction that can be used with a single cross hatched grid? Perpendicular, no degrees 3. What is the relationship between Compton scatter and collimator field size? Inverse, as you increase collimation you decrease scatter 9. What is the new midis Bi] SID ifold is 5 @ 4t} SID? 2D ntr‘ts 113. What is the whole body occupational exposure allowed for pregnant radiation workers? .5 REM per gestation period 1 1. What is the whole body non-occupational exposure allowed for the general public? .1 REM per year 12. State percent of time primary beam is projected at a particular wall? Use factor 13. Describe the effect of oxidizing developer has on the density of films? Decreases density so films get lighter 14. White areas on film are a result of this x-ray with matter? Photoelectric absorption 15. Probability of Compton interaction increases when kv increases 16. Define leakage radiation. Any radiation coming from tube housing other than from the port 1?. More is hydroquinone? Developer 13. Random effects such as cancer are called? Stochastic 19. Define 'l'otal filtration. Combination ofadded which is equivalent to 2 mm ofAl and inherent which is .5 mm from the Pyrex tube itself therefore giving you 2.5 mm of A1 equivalent 21]. What happens to the x—rays in photoelectric interaction? Photoelectric absorption 21. What is hefineiseo?-I:Q'Bi"rHP- HIDE HEELS r=t1L inf?" a-PFr'a—y Ea imp-=53! 7217*“ ‘19“- 22. Where would you find the clearing agent, hardener, and preservative? Fixer 23. improper grid radius results in this kind of cut off? Both sides underexposed 24. Name two radiation induced malignancies? Leukemia, skin, bone, lung, thyroid, and breast cancer 25. Height of lead ships divided by width of lead strips is called? Grid Ratio 25. Name two dot-"ices used to reduce scatter? Compression band collimator, grid, may pt recumbent 2?. What is the relationship between patient thickness and Compton scatter? Direct, increase atoms, increase scatter 23. What size grid is appropriate for 14x1? films? 110:1 29. What size grid is appropriate for 14x36 films? 12:1 or 16:1 3121. What type of grid should you buy ifyou are using both 14x36 @, 7'2 SID and 14x1? @411} SID? Parallel ., H I 31. What is PEL? Auto collimation — positive beam limitation -'_ wawwe F" _——_———-———-——_—t 32. What is the purpose of the air gap? Decrease scatter 33. What is the advantage of using air gap technique? Reduce patient exposure 34. Describe grid cut off with lateral angulation error. Dne side underexposed 35. Define latent image. image on film before developing 36. Where is the hardener in auto developer? Developer and Fixer 3?. What is the current cumulative life time exposure formula? Age times 1 33. What is the old cumulative life time exposure formula? {5n}-18 where n = age 39. As TF D increase what happens to blur? Decreases TFD = SID 46. What is the occupational whole body expoSure amount? 5 REM 41. What is the annual lviPD for extremities? 5i] REM 42. Where do you wear film badges? Collar 43. Where does a pregnant woman wear film badge{s)? apron 44. Know that for every degree you have to add 15 more seconds in the developer for manual developing and know how to calculate a word problem. 45. How is a safe light filter installed? Gel substance is on outside so you should be able to read the letters Collar and waste over lead 46. What color safe light do you need for orthochromatic film screens? RED 4?. TlJifhere doe silver recovery happen? Fixer 43. What is the max. Watts for safe light? 15 49. How far should the safe light be from the work station? 4 feet 56. Describe the appearance ofoxidized developer? Used motor oil 5 1. What is the purpose of intensifying screens? Decrease pt exposure 52. Long latitudes films respond to a wide range of useful density 53. Quantum muttle is caused by? High speedfscreen film combination 54. What is the relationship between crossover exposure and blur? inverse, decrease cross over increase blur 55. What color should you paint your dark room? White 56. What kind of contrast do you get with high kvp and low nuts? Long Scale 5?. What will happen to film if it spends excess time in developer? Darker 58. What will happen to film if developing temperature is to warm? Darker 55‘. Hypo = Fixer so. If x—rays turn yellow or stain with age what caused that? To much fixer 61. If you have a fixed kvp chart then you must have a runs that will change. 62. Optimal kvp for extremities is 5Dw5fl and for body “I'D-9i? 63. Know the different types ofgrids 64. how does grid ratio affect pt exposure? Direct 65. What grid ratio is used for upper cervical? 3:1 66. Name three things that affect Compton scatter? Pt thickness, collimation, kv 6?. what is the difference between controlled and uncontrolled areas? ...
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RADD 2501 Final Exam Review 2 - Final Exam Review snot...

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