RADD 2501 Final Exam Review 3

RADD 2501 Final Exam Review 3 - 1. What color should dark...

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1. What color should dark room be painted? White 2. 3 eq. of things associated with ALARA: Time, distance, shielding (cardinal principals) 3. Male that recived radiation who had AS experienced: Leukemia 4. State the relationship between grid ratio and exposure: Direct 5. Of Radical induced cancers, which has shortest latent period? Leukemia only 7 yrs. 6. UC practitioners, what grid do you need? 8:1 7. Give eq. of RAD reduced response that follows threshold response: Cataracts 8. This type of grid with strips that converge with angle of ray: Divergance 9. Which way do you angle CR with linear grid: Vertical 10. What grid permits least degree of error? High Ratio in terms of lateral angle 11. State 2 of 3 grid Motions: Reciprocate, Single Stroke, Oscalating 12. Can pregnant women take xrays? Yes 13. Define reproducibility: Ability to produce same output (visible image) within 5% 14. Why should processor lid be open when turned off? To prevent cross contamination due to evaporation. 15. In this Processing agent, hydraconen is used as a developer agent. 16. Black tree light found due to low humidity and Static Electricity . 17. Random effect due to RAD like cancer is called: Stocastic 18. Describe effect of using oxidized developer on Non-threshold Effect: a) Density is Dec. b) Contrast is Dec. (Gets Whiter) 19. White areas on film due to: Photoelectric abs. 20. What type of tissue is most likely to undergo photoelectric abs.:
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RADD 2501 Final Exam Review 3 - 1. What color should dark...

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