RADD 2501 Final Exam Review 4

RADD 2501 Final Exam Review 4 - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. what...

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1. what controls energy of xray? – kvp 2. what is main purpose for intensifying screen?- to reduce patient exposure 3. state the relationship btn voltage ripple and xray energy?- inverse relationship 4. why is there lead in the back of the cassette?- to reduce Compton back scatter 5. when using dead man switch, when is the exposure terminated>- when you remove finger from the switch. (so wait til light goes off) 6. if compensating filter is used on a lat lumbar spine where should it be, up or down? Up 7. this xray production method occurs when an electron is pulled down due to a nuclear force field? Bremstrulong 8. at what specific point are xrays produced in the tube? Focal spot on target of anode 9. this electron transition in tungsten produces the highest energy xray? P to k transition 10. producing a lateral thoracic spine radiograph, where should the anode be? Down 11. this exposure factor controls the quantity of the xrays in the beam? Mas 12. which of these have the greatest specific ionization? Alpha particle 13. define isotrophic? 360 degree emission of light 14. which is most likely to occur in human tissue? Indirect effect 15. whats most likely to occure with xray? Free radicals 16. what is the only similarity between particulate radiations that result from radioactivity and xray? They can ionize 17. how much chemistry goes in to how much goes out depends on? The direction of film feed on tray 18. how is a photons wavelength related to its energy? Inverse 19. what factor is selected to select the filament size? Bma or vma?
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RADD 2501 Final Exam Review 4 - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. what...

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