RADD 2501 Final Exam Study Questions 2

RADD 2501 Final Exam Study Questions 2 - X-ray Physics...

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X-ray Physics Final Practice Questions: 1. When an A-P thoracic is performed, which part of the body should the anode side of the tube be placed? - T1-T6, the thinnest part of the body 2. Which exposure factor controls differential absorption? - kvp 3. Radiographic contrast is controlled by? - kvp/mAs relationship 4. With tube overload, what must be set? -↓mA ↑time 5. This amount of change in this factor is required to see change in radiographic density? - 30% 6. What is the formula for REM? - rad x quality factor 7. What is the focal spot? - spot on the anode target where x-rays are produced 8. State the formula for heat units. - kvp x mA x time 9. Radiographic density is controlled by this exposure factor? - mAs 10. The # of x-rays in beam is controlled by? - mAs 11. This x-ray production process produces the majority of x-rays in the beam? - Brehmstralung 12. Which type of rectification has the highest energy beam, shortest exposure time? - high frequency 13. The focal spot size is dependent on this exposure factor? - mA 14. State the advantage of using small focal spot size. - sharper image 15. Where are compensating filters placed? - on the face of the collimator 16. State the required total filtration for an x-ray tube of 70 kv. - 2.5 mm Al equivalents 17. This is the ONLY similarity b/w alpha, beta and x-ray particles? - ability to ionize 18. Replenishment rates in automatic processing is dependent on this? - direction of film travel thru film processor 19. Describe the relationship b/w x-ray wavelength and energy? - shorter the wavelength, higher the energy…therefore inverse 20. How much must the kv change to dbl radiographic density? - 15% 21. How many REM = 1 Sievert? - 100 22. Classical x-ray unit for intensity if x-ray in air?
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- Roentgen 23. Where should the compensating filter be placed for a lateral lumbar? - L1-L3 24. What is the unit of occupational exposure in SI? - Sievert 25. State 2 AKA’s for SID? - FFD and TFD 26. In terms of REM, what is the quality factor of x-rays and gamma rays? - 1 27. 10 mAs at 40” SID, what mAs to maintain density at 80” SID? - 40 mAs 28. Why is it important to have ↑mAs, ↓time? - stop motion 29. What is the purpose of radiographic grid? - reduce Compton Scatter 30. How do you know the dead man switch exposure is terminated? - light goes off 31. What does electromagnetic induction motor do? - spins anode 32. Describe the make up of the cathode. - focusing cup as well as the short and long filaments 33. In the x-ray tube, how are the x-rays produced? - electrons are boiled off from cathode to anode 34. How often are lead walls replaced? - NEVER(x-rays cannot be stored in matter) 35. State the maximum safe light voltage. - 15 Watts 36. What is the annual permissible dose for extremities? -
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RADD 2501 Final Exam Study Questions 2 - X-ray Physics...

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