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RADD 2501 Midterm Exam Review 1 - -where xrays are...

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-the intensity of xray rad. Is 80 mr/hour at 1 foot. What is the intensity at 4 ft? - 5 mr/hr -classical unit of xray intensity in air? -R -photon wavelength is related to energy how? -inverse -mas controls what photographic property? -density -relationship bt mas and pt exposure? - higher mas higher pt exposure -which side of film will exhibit most blur? -cathode -relationship bt exposure time and radiographic density? -inc exp time inc density -When adusting mas and time on console, ma and time always set? -highest ma shortest time -why? -to decrease pt motion -setup of tube and pt and film, where is bucky grid? -between Pt and film -Definition of ionize? -cause atoms to lose elecrons -anode target is made of ? -tungston -where is the focal spot? -on tungston target
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Unformatted text preview: -where xrays are produced-tube overload correction?-reduce ma and increase time-why is the back of cassette lined with lead?-to reduce Compton back scatter-how often must lead walls be replaced?-never-what does a rectifer do?-AC current to DC current-function of electromagnetic induction motor?-spins anode-Type of radiation that can be stopped by paper?-alpha-focusing cup has neg charge. .-technical factor that selects Flament size?-ma-SI unit for rad is ?-grey-using the dead man switch, when is radiation is terminated?-when light goes off-diff bt x and gamma rays?-origin (xrays are man made)-compensation Flter on lateral lumbar. .where should it be?-up-part of body at anode on A-P thoracic Spine Flm?-toward the head...
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