RADD 2501 Midterm Exam Review 2

RADD 2501 Midterm Exam Review 2 - x-physics review State...

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x-physics review State the wave equation: V = Frequency X wavelength When a projectile e- is slowed down: Bremsstrahlung x-ray is created Optimum KVP for spinal imaging is 70-90 Focal spot size is dependent on mAs What rectification has the highest energy beam with shortest time? High Frequency Optimum KVP for range of extremities under 10 CM = 50-60 Kvp x-ray’s range in matter HIGHER relative to Alpha and Beta Particles AKA for SID : FFD (Focus Film Distance) TFD (Target Film Distance) Anode side of the x-ray film is the sharpest Unit Total x-rays = mAs State the technical function control of energy = KVP Controlling of Wavelength = KVP Radiographic density = mAs Formula for heat units = KVP x mAs The relationship of x-ray frequency and wavelength = inverse How much KVP adjusted to double film? 15% A given set of exposure factors cause a tube to overload what do you have to do to change it? Ma time One benefit of compensating filter is uniform density Define Linearity : ability to manipulate ma & time and get same MAS Radiographic contrast is controlled by KVP & MAS relationship In the x-ray tube e- flows from cathode to anode What is the focal spot and what does it do? Makes the radiographic image sharp/blurry, located on the end of the anode above the window What is the advantage of full wave vs. half wave rectification: have same radiation to pt. fullwave 2x radiation in ½ amt of time
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What current is used for x-rays? DC Anode is placed = UP ALARA = As Low As Reasonably Achievable Cathode is made up of: focusing cup and 2 filaments Difference between Gamma and X-rays: gamma from radioactive nucleus Why mas set to shortest time highest MA? to reduce motion Charge on the focusing cup is negative Alpha particles can be stopped by paper Electromotiveforce = rotates anode Ionization: total remove of e- from atoms orbit How is wavelength related to energy? Inversely Only similarity between Alpha, Beta and X-rays is ionization Mas transmitted to film past person will turn black, absorbed will be white on film
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RADD 2501 Midterm Exam Review 2 - x-physics review State...

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