RADD 2501 1st Lecture - Review Questions

RADD 2501 1st Lecture - Review Questions - 9. Why do we...

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REVIEW 1. What is an x-ray? 2. What is another name for a single x-ray in the beam? 3. What determines the energy of the x-ray? 4. Do all of the x-rays in the beam have the same energy? 5. What is differential absorption? 6. What is radiographic density ? How does a radiographically dense area appear on the radiograph? 7. How are radiographic density and anatomic density related? 8. What is radiographic contrast?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Why do we have contrast in an image? How does that happen? 10.What would the film look like if all of the x-rays interacted with the emulsion and the film was then processed? 11.Is it really the x-ray that interacts with the film emulsion to produce the image? 12.What color of light do rare earth crystals typically emit?...
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