RADD 2501 1st Week Goals - Questions

RADD 2501 1st Week Goals - Questions - concerns do you have...

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Name: _______________________________________________ I am interested in YOU, what you expect to get from this class and what you can contribute to this class. If you have a special situation that you would like me to know about, let me know (yes, I read all of these). Please answer the following questions as seriously (or not) as you can. When you hear “X-ray Physics” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Have you had any other courses or learning experiences in this subject area? Do you have any course expectations or goals? Anything that you hope will be covered or discussed in this class? What can you contribute to the class to help others achieve their goals? Right now, how do you feel about taking this course—positive, negative, neutral? (Why?) What
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Unformatted text preview: concerns do you have about this class? How do you anticipate the use of x-ray in your practice? How do you think you learn best? What would you say have been your most enjoyable & least enjoyable learning experiences? Do you enjoy using the Internet for learning? Do you have your own computer and internet service? What are you really good at? What comes easily or naturally to you? What sorts of things capture and hold your interest? Do you have responsibilities outside of class? (Family, work, organizations, sports, etc.) Is there anything else about the course or about yourself, which I haven’t asked, but you’d like me to know?...
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