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2.7.07 Hamlet Act 1 Does the king try to treat Hamlet with kindness? o yes Did the ghost excite Hamlet or calm him? o calm Does Shakespeare ever make us sympathize with the King in Act I? o Yes Act II Why is the King glad to see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? o He needs them For what fault does Hamlet rebuke himself after the actor’s moving speech? o The actor does this speech and is moved emotionally to tears, and Hamlet is mad that he can’t feel anything Act III Why is Hamlet polite to Ophelia in the first part of their conversation and rude in the last part? o What are some of the methods of acting which Hamlet tells the players
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Unformatted text preview: not to use? • Why does Hamlet talk foolishly in public? o Wants everyone to think he is crazy • Does he talk foolishly to the players? o no • What is Hamlet doing during the “play within the play?” o Watching Claudius, has his eye on him the whole time • Why is the King unable to pray when he kneels and tries to pray? o • Why does Hamlet not kill the king while he is praying? o Doesn’t want to kill him while he is praying • For what reason does Hamlet reproach his mother? o For remarrying so quickly, knows about Claudius • What effect do his reproaches have on his mother?...
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