RADD 2501 Discovery Health _How X-rays Work_

RADD 2501 Discovery Health _How X-rays Work_ - TV SCHEDULES...

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Human Body Medicine Mental Health Sexual Health Skin Care Wellness Encyclopedia Discovery Health > Guides > Medicine > The X-Ray Machine The heart of an X-ray machine is an electrode pair -- a cathode and an anode -- that sits inside a glass vacuum tube . The cathode is a heated filament , like you might find in an older fluorescent lamp . The machine passes current through the filament, heating it up. The heat sputters electrons off of the filament surface. The positively- charged anode, a flat disc made of tungsten , draws the electrons across the tube. TIPS TO KEEP YOU SMILING What is the quickest method to treat bad breath? What's the best way to whiten teeth? What drinks should I avoid? Why should I clean my tongue? SKIN CARE TIPS 5 Things Your Skin Needs Every Day How to Improve Skin Texture 15 Ways to Get Rid of Acne More» SYMPTOM CHECKER DISEASES A-Z Learn more about what ails you. Here are some common symptoms. See all » Print Cite Feedback 13 1. Introduction to How X-Rays Work 2. What's an X-Ray? 3. The X-Ray Machine How X-rays Work by Tom Harris Inside this Article 4. Are X-Rays Bad For You? 5. Lots More Information 6. articles We've Launched! Real-life drama from Discovery Health and audience favorite fitness shows from Fit TV have combined Health! TV SCHEDULES | VIDEO | TOOLS | SHOP
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The voltage difference between the cathode and anode is extremely high, so the electrons fly through the tube with a great deal of force. When a speeding electron collides with a tungsten atom, it knocks loose an electron in one of the atom's lower orbitals. An electron in a higher orbital immediately falls to the lower energy level, releasing its extra
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RADD 2501 Discovery Health _How X-rays Work_ - TV SCHEDULES...

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