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RADD 2501 Lecture Questions - What Is X-Ray

RADD 2501 Lecture Questions - What Is X-Ray - 10 Is a gamma...

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Review 1. What is an X-ray? 2. Describe electromagnetic energy in terms of: a. mass b. charge c. velocity 3. List other types of electromagnetic energies in order of their energies relative to x-ray. 4. Define ionize 5. Which of the types of energies in the electromagnetic spectrum have the ability to ionize? 6. What makes an x-ray photon higher energy than a microwave? 7. State the wave equation. 8. What is a gamma ray? 9. What is the difference between gamma rays and x-rays?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Is a gamma ray always higher energy than an x-ray? 11. Will you, as a chiropractor, ever use gamma rays in your practice? 12. Will exposure to x-radiation leave matter radioactive? 13. To avoid being exposed to x-rays, how long must you wait before entering the x-ray room, after the exposure is terminated? 14. Why is a free electron in human tissue a worry?...
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