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X-ray Tube Question Answer List advantages of a rotating type anode increased rte of heat dissipation from the surface of the anode, increase in allowable exposures, reduction in amount of roughening on the focal tract temp of the filament is most closely related to the current impressed on the filament (amperage) speed and energy of the electron stream is primarily controlled by the applied kilovoltage the positively charged electrode that serves as the target for the electron stream is the anode disk mA ^, heat of filament ^, space charge ^, effective focal spot ^ (blank) if the angle on an x-ray is decreased from 12 degrees to 7 degrees it will result in a decrease in size of the focal spot, loading capacity of the tube, and field coverage a dual focus x-ray tube contains 2 filaments and 1 anode
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Unformatted text preview: tungsten melting point 3400 degrees celcius the motion of the rotating disk is accomplished by the use of an induction motor charges of the anode and cathode positive and negative what happens in the first stage of exposure? the filament is heated, the bucky begins to move and the anode rotation commences what happens in the second stage of exposure? high potential difference moves the electron cloud toward the anode what is the purpose of the focusing cup? to compress and focus the electron cloud created around the filament what happens to beam quality and what kinds of wavelength results from a decrease in kVp? decrease in quality of the beam and shorter wavelengths common indiction of a gassy x-ray tube fluctuations in mA readings...
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