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RADD 2501 Concept Map Anode Heel Effect

RADD 2501 Concept Map Anode Heel Effect - The heel ef f eel...

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Unformatted text preview: The heel ef f eel: : The heel effect is due to a portion of the x—ray beam being absorbed by the anode. This results in an x—ray beam that is less intense on the anode side and more intense on the cathode side. The heel effect is more pronounced with steeper anode angles. ANQDE- HEEL_EFFECT ‘ Anode {C2310 I ‘ Anode side Cathode side 31 73 100 105 '92 %Intensity \ l Which side has the most Locate the anode side . Where should the anode side be x-rays (density)? for the following exams? 1. Anode I Cathode 14x36” Full Spine upldown 2. 1 AP Thoracic upldown 3. . Lateral lumbar upldown WHY? lateral thoracic upldown AF’ femur upldown ...
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