RADD 2501 Class Notes - X-ray Interactions With Matter PowerPoint

Radd 2501 class notes x ray interactions with matter

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Unformatted text preview: X-Ray Interactions X-Ray with Matter RADD 2501 X-Ray Photons Can Do Three Things… Things… Transmit Absorb Scatter The behavior of the photons depends upon: depends Primarily the kVp set on the console The atomic number of the structure the The photons interact with has an effect as well well Coherent Interaction Coherent (AKA Classical, Rayleigh, Thompson Low energy interaction Low (Below 10 keV) (Below Excitation interaction, not Excitation enough energy for ionization ionization Photon changes Photon direction, no energy lost direction, Less than 10% of scatter Less on radiographs comes from coherent interaction from Photoelectric Effect (Absorption) (Absorption) 10 – 60 keV Inner shell ionization X-Ray photon no longer X-Ray exists exists Probability of interaction Probability increases with: decreased kVp and increased atomic number of absorber (for example bone, enamel, lead) lead) Compton Scatter Compton Outer shell ionization Photon ionizes atom, Phot...
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