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RADD 2501 Class Notes - X-ray Interactions With Matter PowerPoint

Atom photon liberates electron liberates photon

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Unformatted text preview: on liberates electron liberates Photon changes direction, Photon leaves atom with less energy leaves Can occur many times before Can photon loses all energy photon Probability of interaction Probability increases with increased kVp increases Can occur in any atomic Can number atom number Pair Production Pair Occurs with x-ray Occurs energies greater than 1.02 MeV (not diagnostic range) range) X-ray interacts with X-ray nuclear force field nuclear Two electrons, one Two negative, one positive are created are Example of energy Example converting to mass converting Photodisintegration Occurs with x-ray Occurs energies greater than 10 MeV (not diagnostic range) range) Interaction between high Interaction energy x-rays and the nucleus nucleus X-ray absorbed by the X-ray nucleus nucleus Nuclear fragment is Nuclear emitted emitted...
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