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Unformatted text preview: Film Processing Film Converting the latent to the manifest image Purpose Purpose Converts Converts latent image into manifest image and preserves the image. and Latent Latent image: invisible image on film prior to processing processing Manifest image: visible image on film after Manifest processing processing Components and Systems Components Transport Replenishment Temperature Recirculation Dryer Regulation Transport System Transport The The feed tray, rollers, and main drive motor and Motor activates Motor wheels and gears that move the rollers move Crossovers Racks Entering Entering the feed tray the films activates the processor processor A beep tone or beep safelight indicates it is safe to process another film another Length of film travel Length determines chemical replenishment rate replenishment TRANSPORT SYSTEM TRANSPORT Crossovers Crossovers through: through: Developer Fixer Washer Dryer and racks transport film Replenishment System Replenishment Automatic Automatic replenishment of developer and fixer based on film’s transport across microswitch at edge of feed tray microswitch Always feed the film with the shortest side Always against the edge of the feed tray (shortest edge of film to cross the microswitch) edge Alternate sides to avoid overuse of one Alternate microswitch microswitch Replenishment System Replenishment Over Over or under replenishment causes problems with density and contrast and Possible Failure causes: of microswitch Insufficient chemicals Insufficient in the tanks in Pump failure Clogged filters Processing Chemistry Processing Use Use the same brand manufacturer of chemistry as the brand of your film/screen system film/screen Mixing Chemistry Mixing Follow Follow manufacturer’s recommendations recommendations Avoid air mixed into Avoid the developer the Use splashguards Consider Consider using an automatic mixer automatic Keep floating lid on Keep developer replenishing tank replenishing Mixing Chemistry Mixing PROTECT PROTECT YOURSELF!!!! YOURSELF!!!! Wear Wear gloves, safety glasses, aprons glasses, Wash hands – have Wash eye wash available eye Developer Developer like lye, acts as a tanning agent agent Fixer stains Temperature Regulation Temperature Temperature Temperature of developer and fixer determines the speed at which they act on the film emulsion the Thermostat Thermostat controls incoming water temperature temperature By heat exchange, By developer and fixer temperatures are controlled controlled Chemical Chemical temperatures should vary no more than two degrees two Recirculation System Recirculation Processor Tanks Filters Pumps Drains Provides Provides necessary agitation to keep chemistry mixed mixed Maintains constant Maintains temperature temperature Maintains chemical Maintains contact with film contact Recirculation System Recirculation Chemistry Chemistry is pumped from the processor tanks and passes through filters to remove particles and by-products of processing processing Chemistry is then Chemistry returned to the processing tanks processing Continuous Continuous flow of water through wash tank helps remove residual chemicals from film from Silver Recovery Silver Silver recovered from: Fixer Wash water Talk Talk to x-ray supply vendor to lease/lone silver recovery unit silver Maintenance Maintenance Use Use floating lids to prevent oxidation of chemicals chemicals Clean the entrance tray and run a clearing Clean film each morning film Inspect for poorly seated or worn gears, Inspect gummy rollers, misaligned crossovers, water flow, pump action water Maintenance Maintenance Clean Clean crossovers every night with water and a synthetic sponge. Use one color for developer and one color for fixer and Drain water nightly-prevent algae buildup Open lid of processor each night Avoid precipitation/cross contamination of Avoid developer into fixer + vice versa developer Schedule preventative maintenance monthly ...
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This note was uploaded on 11/22/2011 for the course RADD 2501 taught by Professor Sandyeverage during the Winter '11 term at Life Chiropractic College West.

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