CLIN 2505 Syllabus Summer 2011

CLIN 2505 Syllabus Summer 2011 - LIFE UNIVERSITY College of...

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7/10/2011 1 LIFE UNIVERSITY College of Chiropractic Division of Clinics Summer Quarter 2011 CLIN 2505 Clinical Recording History and Chiropractic I SYLLABUS COURSE DESCRIPTION: This Level I course is for the 5th quarter students who have completed all academic prerequisites. This course provides students the opportunity to continue to interact professionally with patients, understand appropriate patient dialogue, deepen and enhance listening and empathy skills, and observe how to overcome barriers in communication with patients. Students continue to integrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired during classroom training through practical application with increased responsibility. Students become more familiar with clinic operations, business forms and procedures, and how to incorporate classroom training into the daily experience of how a clinic functions. The Level I Clinic experience encompasses the Pre-Clinic courses in quarters 1-7 as well as the Clinic Intern experience in the Campus Center for Health and Optimum Performance (CC-HOP) during quarters 8 and 9. Level I Clinic is designed to integrate information from Basic Science, Clinical Science and Chiropractic Science courses with clinical application in a patient care environment. In this environment, the patient experience is more time consuming than what would be expected in a Level II or Level III clinic. Extended time, with close faculty supervision, is provided towards the development of basic Intern clinical competencies. The majority of patients in a Level I clinic should not be complex cases. Progressing to Level II clinic requires, in addition to other requirements, meeting the clinical minimum requirements of 50 adjustments and 5 exams. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: This course is designed to provide an experiential learning opportunity for students to hone the clinical skills learned in previous courses under the direct supervision of a faculty instructor. Students will be provided an opportunity to conduct a patient interview and demonstrate proper use of equipment in evaluating the patient through: Inspection, Palpation, Percussion, Auscultation, Vital signs, and Blood pressure. Patient interviewing skills will be explored further in this class. INSTRUCTOR: Michael Pryor M.B.A, D.C OFFICE LOCATION: Campus Center for Health and Optimum Performance
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7/10/2011 2 1269 Barclay Circle, Room 125 Marietta, GA 30060 TELEPHONE: 770-426-2638 DEAN OF CLINICS: Ralph Davis, M.S., D.C DEAN OF INSTRUCTION: Leslie King, D.C. STUDENT As posted in the Department Office OFFICE HOURS: COURSE HOURS: Tuesday 7 am weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4 CREDITS: Zero credit hours (11 hours of independent experiential learning) PREREQUISITES: CLIN 2504 (Clinical Patient Observation II) DIAG2725 (Visceral Diagnosis) REQUIRED TEXT: None REQUIRED EQUIPMENT : Sphygmomanometer, Thermometer and stethoscope. RECOMMENDED/
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This note was uploaded on 11/23/2011 for the course CLIN 2505 taught by Professor Sandyeverage during the Winter '11 term at Life Chiropractic College West.

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CLIN 2505 Syllabus Summer 2011 - LIFE UNIVERSITY College of...

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