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Human Development - Origin:Chapter14 Page:370 SubTopic:Nutrition Topic:PubertyBegins Growthoftestes,initialpubichair,growthofpenis,firstejaculatio

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All things being equal youth are just as likely to eat how? Eating habits get worse throughout teen years Origin: Chapter 14 Page: 370 SubTopic: Nutrition Topic: Puberty Begins What is the normal sequence of growth for boys? Growth of testes, initial pubic hair, growth of penis, first ejaculation of seminal fluid ( spermarche) , facial hair, peak growth  spurt, voice deepening, final pubic hair growth Origin: Chapter 14 Page: 364 SubTopic: Puberty Begins (Table 14.1) Topic: Puberty Begins What part of the brain gives the signal to start of puberty? hypothalamus Origin: Chapter 14 Page: 365 SubTopic: Hormones Topic: Puberty Begins What makes the “all legs and arms” phenomena true? The torso is the last part of the body to grow Origin: Chapter 14 Page: 371 SubTopic: Growing Bigger and Stronger Topic: The Transformations of Puberty When does puberty begin Normally between 8 and 14 Origin: Chapter 14 Page: 364 SubTopic: Puberty Begins (Table 14.1) Topic: Puberty Begins How does body fat compare between boys and girls in puberty? Girls gain as much as twice the body fat as boys by age 17 Origin: Chapter 14
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Page: 372 SubTopic: Growing Bigger and Stronger Topic: The Transformations of Puberty What is the difference between analytic thought and intuitive thought? Intuitive thought is contextual or experiential, based on prior belief, past history, Analytical thought is rational, formal, logical, scale-balancing, requires maturity Origin: Chapter 15 Page: 399 SubTopic: Intuitive, Emotional Thought Topic: Adolescent Thinking Explain Piaget’s experiments and stages. Origin: Chapter 15 Page: 395 SubTopic: Formal Operational Thought Topic: Adolescent Thinking What is the difference between invincibility fable and imaginary audience? Invincibility fable is the idea that one is protected from harm, never defeated Imaginary audience is the belief that you are the center of attention, that everyone else is as intensely interested in them as they  are themselves Origin: Chapter 15 Page: 392 SubTopic: Egocentrism Topic: Adolescent Thinking What is the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning? Deductive reasoning is from general statement, premise, or principle through logical steps to deduce something.
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Human Development - Origin:Chapter14 Page:370 SubTopic:Nutrition Topic:PubertyBegins Growthoftestes,initialpubichair,growthofpenis,firstejaculatio

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