ANAT 2646 2 - Neurohistology

ANAT 2646 2 - Neurohistology - Electrical Chemical...

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Neurons (10 10 ) - The Basic Functional Unit (Neuron Doctrine) Types Form multipolar bipolar (retinal, cochlear, vestibular) unipolar (dorsal root ganglia) Function afferent (toward) efferent (away) interneurons (approximately 99.98%) Neuron General Characteristics cell body - fluid mosaic model phospholipids proteins ion pumps ion channels rough endoplasmic reticulum (Nissl bodies) dendrite axon synapses and boutons Intracellular Transport Anterograde Retrograde Synapses Location Axodendritic Axosomatic Dendrodendritic Axoaxonic Somosomatic Transmission
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Unformatted text preview: Electrical Chemical Neuroglia (supporting cells) Schwann Cells (Peripheral)- lays down myelin in PNS Astrocytes (endothelia)- many astrocytic processes are closely applied to capillary blood vessels where they are known as perivascular end feet. Others are applied to the pia mater at the external surface of the CNS Microglia (phagocytes)- process injured or diseased parts of CNS Oligodendrocytes (myelin)- lays down myelin in CNS Ependymal (line ventricles) Myelination Defects Multiple Sclerosis...
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ANAT 2646 2 - Neurohistology - Electrical Chemical...

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