ANAT 2646 Cerebellum Midterm Review

ANAT 2646 Cerebellum Midterm Review - 4-6: Cerebellum and...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-6: Cerebellum and rostral portion of the brainstem: dorsal view 1. Genu of corpus callosum 2. Head of caudate nucleus 3. Lamina of septum pellucidum 4. Columns of fornix 5. Short gyri of insula 6. Tributary of thalamostriate vein 7. Stria terminalis 8. Lamina affixa 9. Interthalamic adhesion 10. Stria medullaris thalami 11. Habenular trigone 12. Habenular commissure 13. Pineal body 14. Superior (cranial) colliculus 15. Inferior colIiculus 16. Brachium of inferior (caudal) colliculus 17. Medial geniculate body 18. Culmen 19. Quadrangular lobule 20. Primay fissure 21. DecIive 22. Lobulus simplex 23. Folium of vermis 24. Superior semilunar lobule 25. Tuber of vermis 26. Horizontal fissure 27. Inferior semilunar lobule The primary fissure cuts deep into the dorsal surface of the cerebellum, separating the culmen and quadrangular lobule from the declive and its hemispheric extension, the lobulus simplex. The folium and the tuber of the vermis, together with the superior and inferior semilunar lobules of the hemispheres, are readily seen. Immediately in front of the pineal body is the thin white habenular commissure. On each side, the habenular nucleus causes a protrusion at the surface of the habenular trigone. Extending anteriorly from the habenular trigone is a white matter fiber tract - the stria medullaris thalami - which connects the habenular nucleus with hypothalamic and septal nuclei. Removal of the crura and the body of the fornix has left the medial part of the dorsal surface of the thalamus rather rough, whereas the lateral part is cov- ered by the smooth lamina affixa. The sharp medial margin of the lamina affixa - the tenia choroidea - marks the line of attachment of the tela choroidea of the lateral ventricle. More anteriorly, note the lamina of the septum pellucidum on each side of the cavum of the septum pellucidum. ...
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