ANAT 2646 Chapter 8 Notes - July 30th 2004 Chapters 7-8...

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July 30 th 2004 Chapters 7-8 last test info Quick Review - Test will be on case studies: Rt. Sided stroke Up Lf. Side 1 st symptom what to look for: Corticospinal tract same side spinal cord opposite side brain “Mini-cases” Where leasion is found in the CNS, where else – UMNL where else in the spinal cord and brain. Hypo or Hyperactive reflexes Know Dermatomes for test Chapter 7 continued: Bladder Malfunction: -Lesion of bilateral medial frontal micturition center 1. Results in pontine and spinal micturition centers activation when bladder is full 2. Urine flow and emptying are normal 3. But not voluntary -Causes: hydrocephalus, parasagittal meningioma, bifrontal glioblastoma, trauma, neurodegenerative disorder -Lesion between pons and conus medullaris (spinal cord) 1. starts atonic -urethral reflexes not shut off (retention results) 2. Later bladder becomes hyperreflexic or spastic -Detrusor/sphincter dyssynergia -PT. has urgency, detrusor spasm, incomplete emptying 3. Causes: trauma, tumor, transverse, myelitis, multiple sclerosis -Lesions of S2-4 cord, or nerves 1. Result in are flexive atonic bladder 2. Resembles acute central lesion -Due to loss of parasympathetic innervation to detrusor and lack of sensory input from filling bladder -PT. has overflow and stress incontinence 3. Causes: diabetic neuropathy, compression of conus medullaris (tumor or disc) trauma. Bowel Function:
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ANAT 2646 Chapter 8 Notes - July 30th 2004 Chapters 7-8...

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