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ANAT 2646 CUTS - external capsule b/t putamen and claustrum...

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1 st layer longitudinal fissure 2 nd layer body of corpus callosum- streaks next to the longitudinal fissure 3 rd layer lateral ventricles caudate nucleus- brown line on the wall of the ventricle choroid plexus- red/blue lines on the lateral ventricle septum pellucida- separates 2 ventricles genu- in front of the ventricles splenium- U shaped behind the ventricles cingulate gyrus- gray matter in front of the genu cingululm- white matter surrounding the cingulated gyrus 4 th layer head of caudate nucleus- front of ventricle fornix- back part b/t 2 ventricles 3 rd ventricle- brown line separating the fornix thalamus- lateral to the fornix columns of the fornix- 2 dots where the septum pellucidum meets the fornix lentiform nucleus- triangular structure globus pallidus- snowcap of the mountain putamen- base of the mountain claustrum- line lateral to lentiform nucleus internal capsule- v shaped fibers
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Unformatted text preview: external capsule- b/t putamen and claustrum extreme capsule- b/t claustrum and insula insula- red dots/lines in the cortex 5 th layer head of caudate globus pallidus- 2 pieces part of lateral ventricle posteriorly fornix- white streak b/t lateral ventricle and thalamus thalamus- multicolored circles columns of fornix- 2 dots in front of fornix anterior white commissure- directly anterior to the columns of the fornix optic radiations- brown streaks in posterior of cortex (lateral to 4 th ventricle) 6 th layer Optic tract, chiasm, nerve Hippocampus- “seahorse” Amygdyla- near uncus in front of hippocampus Pituitary gland- posterior to optic chiasm Mamillary bodies- directly posterior to pituitary gland Cerebral penduncles- white ovals posterolateral to mamillary bodies...
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