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PATH 2541 Comparison of Hypersensitivity Reactions

PATH 2541 Comparison of Hypersensitivity Reactions -...

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CHARACTERISTI C TYPE I ANAPHALACTI C TYPE II ANTIBODY DEPENDENT TYPE III IMMUNE TYPE IV CELL MEDIATED Anitbody IgE IgM, IgG IgM, IgG None (Cell mediated) Antigen Exogenous Cell Surface (Endogenous Exogenous) Soluble Intracellular Response Time 2 – 30 min Not distinct (mins – hrs) 3 – 8 hrs 36 – 72 hrs Appearance Wheel and Flare Lysis and necrosis Erthema & Edema (soften tissue) Erthema & Induration (hardening tissue) Histology Basophils and Eosinophils (some
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Unformatted text preview: nutraphils) Antibody & compliment (some nutraphils) Immocomplex & compliment (some nutraphils) Monocytes & Lyphocytes (mononuclear) Transfer with Antibody Antibody Antibody T-Cells Examples Hay fever Asthma Incompatible blood transfusion Farmer’s Lung SLE (lupus) Allergic brochopulmonary aspergilosis TB test Poison Ivy Granuloma Comparison of Hypersensitivity Reactions...
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