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RADD 2711 Diffuse Solid Periostitis

RADD 2711 Diffuse Solid Periostitis - DIFFETcfw_EI\TtrAL...

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f 4. 5. 5. 9. DIFFET{EI\TtrAL DIAGNOSIS OF DIFFUSE gc!l.in} PERTOST{TIS Primary h-vpertrophic osteoarthropatleyipach,vderrnoperiostitis - ciinicai s-vndrone consi;ting of digital elubbing and raaking up approximarely' 3 to -{0/o of al1 cases of hyperirophic osteoarihropati'r-_v, genetic disorder primaril-.r' affecting African-American males u:ith insidicus onset of eniargement of hands and f'eet and digital clubbing as u'ell as coarset:i11g of the skiri on the face and scalp with increased sweating. progresses for approximatel:y' i 0 I'ears and tireri regl"esses, radiographically ditlirse rvidespread s-r-'mmetrical periostitis invoiving diaphyses and metaph_vses Seeondary h,l,pertrophic osteoarthropathy - occurs in up to 12920 of bronchogenic carcinoma parients. aiso mesotirelioma, emphysema, Hodpkin's disease, cystic fibrosis, pulmcuarl' nietastasis; has been associated with cangenital c-vanotic heart disease and aiso inflamn:ator:1' borvel cliseasss such as uicerative coiitis and Crohn's disease, elinical triad consisting of digital clubbing, periostiiis and s},novitis, aflicular findings rnay mimic inflammalory arthritis, thoracotorn,v diqrinishes SiS rvithin 24 hcurs Tfiyroid acropachy - usuall-v see& after treatrnent for hyperthyroidism u'hen pafients are er.rth1.,mid or h5,'poth;rroid, hndings of exophthalmos digitai clubbing.
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