DIAG 2735 Exam 2 Review #1

DIAG 2735 Exam 2 Review #1 - Disease Causes Can Result in...

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Unformatted text preview: Disease Causes Can Result in S/S Glu Ket Prot Urinary Calculi Formation Males: 20's Obstuction: hydronephrosis Visible on X-ray Kidney pain radiating in groin may exist w/o crystals History of stones, crystals in UA Hematuria, pain on passing thru urethra F/ Ca++ w/ Oxylates Staghorn Calculi Fil s up renal pelvis and calyces resembles deer antlers Aminoacidurias: metabolic pathway block deficiency in renal tub. Fxn Phenylketonuria Absence of liver enz. Phenylalanine hydroxylase Phenyl. Not converted to tyrosine Urine smel s musty Phenyl. Levels rise Alkaptanuria Phenyl. & tyrosine converted to homogentisic acid turns specimen black homogentisic acid is missing Observed in diapers Tyrosinuria excessive phenyl. Congentital: retardation loss of phosphate X X X Crystals: fine & silky Liver disease Non-Congenital: Liver Failure/disease Hepatomegaly Low birth rate infants liver palp. Abnorm. Jaundice Alcoholism/hepatitis Maple Syrup Urine Disease leucine, isoleucine & valine - > ketoacids urine smel s like maple syrup Ketoacids can't turn to fat y acids neonatal vomiting, seizures, stupor Ketoacids elevated in bl. And excreted hypoglycemia Cystinuria Wilson's Disease Only to form crystals Faulty resorption of 4 AA Common/benign Cystinosis Faulty resorption of 10 AA Retarded pt.'s Part of Fanconi's Synd. Under 10 yrs. Age Adrenal Disorders: Hypofunction: Addison's Disease Hyperfunction: Adrenal virilism Cushing's Synd. Hyperaldosteronism Inc. Na++ retention Disease Causes Can Result in S/S Glu Ket Prot Pheochromocytoma K+ depletion Anemia: Inc. Urobilinogen Blood Loss Anemia: Chronic Bl. Loss anemia when stored Fe is depleted Iron Deficiency Anemia blood loss Megaloblastic Anemia f/ B12 or Folate def. Pernicious Anemia Aplastic Anemia Hemolytic Anemia: Often lead to Gal Stones Intrinsic Form membrane, metabolic, Hb disorder involvement Hereditary Spherocytosis: N. Europeans Disease Causes Can Result in S/S Glu Ket Prot Destabalizes RBC Extrinsic Form B12 Deficiency Folate Deficiency No folate for 3-6 months = Anemia Polycythemia Inc HCT w/ Norm MCV Absolute Polycythemia Polycythemia Vera cancerous overproduction of al bl. Cel types LEUKEMIA: f/ malignant degeneration of WBC stem cel s Disease Causes Can Result in S/S Glu Ket Prot LYMPHOMA: Hodgkin's Lymphoma Pt. ages of 15-35 and >50; more in men; Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Coagulopathies Hemophilia A lack of factor VI I (80% time) Hemophilia B lack of factor IX diseminated microvascular thrombi formation Vitamin K deficiency Disease Causes Can Result in S/S Glu Ket Prot Circulating Anticoagulants PLATELET DISORDERS: Drugs, bone mar ow infiltration, epistaxis Petechiae, ecchymosis, mucosal bleeding Thrombocytopenia Acute potential fatal No Neuro changes H EM AT OLOG Y: Description Increased Decreased W hite Cel Count Leukocytosis, i.e. Leukem ia Leukopenia, i.e. Flu, Hepatitis, M ono 55% Neutrophils 35% Lym phocytes <8% M onocytes 1-4% Eosinophils Inc. Neutrophils 0-1% Basophils Red Blood Cel Count Polycythem ia...
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