DIAG 2735 Immunologic Testing

DIAG 2735 Immunologic Testing - Immunologic Testing...

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Immunologic Testing Immunohematology General Humoral Testing Autoantibodies Bacterial and Fungi Miscellaneous Tests Immunohematology ABO blood typing Rh factor ABO Blood Typing Labeled by which antigens present on the surface of the RBC A or B or both AB or none O The antigen if present will stimulate antibody reaction if you put A type blood in a B type person the A antigen stimulates antibody production to destroy the blood Rh Factor Another genetic marker on the cell Either you have it Rh (+) or not Rh (-) Cross Matching ABORh matches AB (+) blood has all three markers this patient can conceivably get blood from anyone, but only donate to another AB (+) O (-) can give blood to anyone because there are no offending antigens but only receive O (-) blood Cross Matching After ABORh is established plasma reaction must be considered There could be a perfect match typing but the recipient’s plasma may reject the donor blood Positive sign is when the donor blood is combined with the recipient’s plasma the cells clump together (no match) Cross Matching Major matching is between the recipient’s plasma and the donor cells Minor matching is between the donor plasma and the recipient cells (not real important) If no clumping the test is (-) and it is probable (not guaranteed) that blood can be transfused General Humoral Test Human Leukocyte Antigen HLA Important in paternity testing Important in organ transplant compatibility
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  • Human immunodeficiency virus, rheumatoid factor, abnormal IgG antibodies, Lyme Disease Serology, Bacterial Meningitis Antigen

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DIAG 2735 Immunologic Testing - Immunologic Testing...

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