DIAG 2735 Other Specimen Testing

DIAG 2735 Other Specimen Testing - Other Specimen Testing...

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Other Specimen Testing Respiratory System GI System Reproductive System Miscellaneous Tests Respiratory System Pleural Fluid Analysis Normally pleural fluid is less than 20 ml Pleural Effusion Excess fluid accumulation in the pleural cavity Increased fluid will show up on chest x-ray and obscure the lower angles of the diaphragm Pleural Fluid Transudate Clear Specific gravity < 1.016 No clotting Protein < 3 g/dl Few WBC Few RBC No elevation of glucose LDH is low Lymph blockage, too much fluid production Exudate Cloudy or turbid Specific gravity > 1.016 Clot forming Protein > 3 g/dl Many WBC (purulent) RBC may be present Glucose less than serum LDH is high Infection Pleural Fluid Indications Cancer Bacterial infection With amylase levels = pancreatitis Nonspecific inflammation Gastrointestinal System Tests Gastric Acid Stimulation Peritoneal Fluid Analysis Fecal Occult Blood Fecal Lipids Stool Specimen Parasite Examination Gastric Acid Stimulation Measures acid secretion 1 hour after injection with acid stimulator Increased level may indicate duodenal ulcer Decreased may indicate gastric carcinoma (leather bottle), achlorhydria, or pernicious anemia
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DIAG 2735 Other Specimen Testing - Other Specimen Testing...

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