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Wk 1 Entrance_show - DIAG 3016 DIAG SYLLABUS Welcome...

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Unformatted text preview: DIAG 3016 DIAG SYLLABUS Welcome Welcome Dr. Kubat Ext. 6045 Mod 5 Student Office Hours: Monday 10-1 Friday 11-1 Total Course Hours Total Lecture hours =3 Laboratory hours = 4 Laboratory Total hours =5 Grading Grading Homework and Quizzes 5% or 20 Points Laboratory 20% or 80 Points 3 Lecture Exams 75% or 300 Points Laboratory Component Laboratory Laboratory Exam 12.5% Completion of lab manual 5% or 50 Points or 20 Points U/A Competency 2.5% or 10 Points Posting of Grades Posting All grades will be posted on All blackboard blackboard Grading Grading You must earn a 70% in both You the lab and the lecture portion of this class before passing the class class Quizzes Quizzes Will be unannounced Will unannounced There are no make-up quizzes There no You must be present when the You present quiz begins to be handed out in begins order to take the quiz order Tests and Exams Tests All re-makes for tests and All exams will be written written Once the final exam has been Once taken all prior grades and attendance matters will be closed closed Attendance Attendance Attendance is mandatory for Attendance both the lab and the lecture portion of this class portion Attendance Attendance Only school sanctioned excuses Only will be accepted will If you miss 10% of the class will If be dropped a letter grade be 5.3 hours If you miss 15% of the class you If will fail the class will 8 hours Attendance Attendance YOU are responsible for keeping track of YOUR YOUR absences absences Laboratory Attendance Laboratory You must attend you scheduled You lab time to obtain attendance credit for lab work credit You You welcomed to make-up any labs but attendance will not be credited credited Laboratory Attendance Laboratory Attendance begin when the Attendance class begins. You must be in lab at your You scheduled time scheduled You are responsible for learning You any information covered in your absence absence Laboratory Tasks Laboratory 25 Urine analysis 2 Venipunctures 20 Blood glucose readings 20 Complete blood counts 3 Hematocrits Laboratory Work Laboratory Bring your lab manual to all Bring classes classes All work must be done in these All manuals manuals An incomplete lab manual will An result in failure of the course result Laboratory Work Laboratory Only 3 UA’s or hematology Only cases will be signed off per class class Further Assistance Further I wish you all the best this wish quarter I hope you learn a lot this hope quarter and enjoy the class quarter ...
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