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TECH 2712 Practice Sheets for Lab 2

TECH 2712 Practice Sheets for Lab 2 - PRI C4 Prone Cervical...

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T11 PRI Single Hand T2 PRS Single Hand L4 PR-M Single Hand T3 PLI Single Hand L2 PR-M Double Thenar T6 PLI Double Thenar T4 PR-T Crossed Pisiform T9 PL-T Crossed Pisiform T3 PL-T Mod. Div. Pisiform T3 PR-T Mod. Div. Pisiform T3 PLS Diversified Pisiform T1 PR-Sp Diversified Pisiform T10 PRI Thumb Pisiform T12 PL-T Thumb Pisiform T2 PRS Modified Thumb T1 PL-Sp Modified Thumb
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Unformatted text preview: PRI C4 Prone Cervical Set PL-L C6 Prone Cervical Set PLS C2 Supine Cervical Set PLI C5 Supine Cervical Set ASLP Supine Cervical Set ASR Supine Cervical Set PS-LS-LP Supine Cervical Set PS-RS Supine Cervical Set PRS C6 Supine Cervical Set PR-L C3 Supine Cervical Set Right PI Prone Left IN Prone Right EX Prone...
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