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TECH 2712 Worksheet For Week 1 - 13 PL-Sp L3 pull a right...

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Name ________________________________________ Welcome to Full Spine II. This is NOT a test . For purposes of research and data gathering, please do not engage in community test taking. When you complete this exercise and hand it in, you are free to go. What is the line of drive for each of the following listings? 1. ASEX right 2. PLI L4 3. PIIN right 4. P-R 5. BP 6. PR-T T12 7. P L5 a. P-A, I-S b. P-A, I-S, R-L c. P-A, I-S, L-R d. P-A, S-I e. P-A, S-I, L-R ab. P-A, S-I, R-L ac. None of the above What is the CP for each of the following: 8. PIEX left pull 9. P-L ISU 10. PRS L2 pull 11. ASIN right push 12. PLS-M L5 Push
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Unformatted text preview: 13. PL-Sp L3 pull a. right pisiform b. left pisiform c. right fingertips d. left fingertips e. none of the above What listing? 14. L5 has a flexion malposition 15. L2 has a left rotation restriction and a left scoliosis 16. L1 has a right rotation malposition, and a right scoliosis 17. L5 has an extension malposition, a right rotation and left lateral flexion restriction. There is a right scoliosis from T7 to L4. Fill In: Briefly Describe to a new student the cause of intersegmental adhesions and how that leads to nerve pressure and a subluxation....
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  • Human mitochondrial DNA haplogroup, Human mtDNA haplogroups, left rotation restriction, lateral flexion restriction, PLS-M L5 Push, PL-Sp L3 pull

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