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DIAG 2740 Chapter 10 Outline

DIAG 2740 Chapter 10 Outline - • Thought to be due to...

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Chapter 10 Syndromes of Cerebral Artery Infarctions MCA superior division MCA inferior division MCA deep territory- lenticulostriae arteries MCA stem- results in all of the above ACA PCA FAST Transient Ischemic Attack Neurological deficit < Typically: 2 Mechanisms Diagnosis will show TIA vs other neurological disorder by vascular distribution of deficit Stroke Symptoms: 2 major categories Hemorrhagic- discussed with hematomas previously in Chapter 5 Ischemic- thrombic and embolic Thrombic stroke
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Embolic stroke Embolism Sources Air- deep sea divers Septic emboli- from bacterial endocarditis (rheumatic fever) Cholesterol emboli- from long bone fracture Cardiac emboli from atherosclerosis Hypertensive Stroke As per Chapter 5
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Unformatted text preview: • Thought to be due to vascular changes of hypertension and atherosclerosis – Usually basal ganglia, thalamus, cerebellum, or pons due to lenticulostriae arteries Risk Factors Carotid Artery Stenosis Due to atherosclerosis Usually effects ACA, MCA and opthalmic artery (ipsilateral one eye blindness) May be revealed by bruit Arterial Dissection Head or neck trauma Tunica intima tear of carotid or vertebral arteries Blood flows into the tear and the wall balloons out Thrombi form here Carotid dissection often presents with ipsilateral turbulent sound with heart beat and Horner’s syndrome Vertebral artery dissection leads to suboccipital headache, posterior neck pain...
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DIAG 2740 Chapter 10 Outline - • Thought to be due to...

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