DIAG 2740 Chapter 14 Outline

DIAG 2740 Chapter 14 Outline - Incoordination Cerebellum...

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Chapter 14 Main Components Of Brainstem Cranial nerve nuclei: Long Tracts: Cerebellar Circuitry: Reticular Formation: Locked-in Syndrome:
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Cerebellar Circuits Lesions cause uncoordination (ataxia) Superior peduncle To red nucleus Middle cerebellar peduncle Cerebellar hemispheres Inferior cerebellar peduncle Spinal cord to cerebellum Reticular Formation Rostral (superior) - Projects to: Lesions Cause: Caudal – Brainstem Vascular Supply Comes from: Important branches Shown on handout Brainstem Vascular Supply Infarct caused by: Thrombus Embolus Lacunar infarct Warning Signs: Symptom Region of Ischemia Dizziness/ nausea VIII or Cerebellum Diplopia Eye movement pathways Blurry vision Eye movement pathways
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Unformatted text preview: Incoordination Cerebellum Unsteady gait Cerebellum and Corticospinal tract Numbness and tingling Long Sensory Tracts Dysphagia/Dysarthria Corticobulbar/ Cranial Nerve Nuclei Hemi or quadraparesis Corticospinal Tract Somnolence Reticular Formation Headache Meninges Is It Midbrain, Medulla, or Pons Midbrain Pons Medulla Damage to Posterior Circulation May be due to atherosclerosis (stenosis) of vertebral or basilar arteries Results in waxing waning deficit w/ change in blood pressure or vascular tone May be due to dissection Resulting from neck injury loosening an embolus Medial Medullary Syndrome Lateral Medullary Syndrome (Wallenbergs)...
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DIAG 2740 Chapter 14 Outline - Incoordination Cerebellum...

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