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DIAG 2740 Neurodiagnosis COMPREHENSIVE Review

DIAG 2740 Neurodiagnosis COMPREHENSIVE Review - Chapter 5...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 Brain and Environs: Cranium, Ventricles, and Meninges Chapter 6 Corticospinal Tract and Other Motor Pathways Chapter 7 Sensory Pathways Chapter 8 Spinal Nerve Roots More likely hands then thigh & shoulder median lateral medial Chapter 9 Major Plexuses & Peripheral Nerves Chapter 10 Cerebral Hemispheres and Vascular Supply Chapter 12 Brainstem I: Surface Anatomy and Cranial Nerves Chapter 13 Brainstem II: Eye Movements and Pupillary Control Action of Superior Rectus • Upward gaze Action of Inferior Rectus • Downward gaze Action of Medial Rectus • Medial gaze Action of the Lateral Rectus • Abduction (do not act together simultaneously) Action of Inferior Oblique • Direct gaze up and in Action of Superior Oblique • Directs gaze down and in Intranuclear Opthalmoplegia Test Rightward Gaze Right MLF lesion Test Accommodation Chapter 14 Brainstem III: Internal Structures and Vascular Supply Chapter 15 Cerebellum Chapter 16 Basal Ganglia Chapter 18 Limbic System: Homeostasis,Olfaction, Memory, and Emotion Chapter 19 Higher Order Cerebral Function ...
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