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PATH 2542 Midterm Exam Review Questions

PATH 2542 Midterm Exam Review Questions - Test 1 Review...

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Test 1 Review What are the important function of structurally complex organs and which is the most important? -Excretion of waste products of metabolism(most important) regulation of the body’s concentration of water and salt maintenance of appropriate acid balance of plasma secretion of some hormones (renin, erythropoietin, prostaglandins what are the 3 layers of glomeruli -endothelial cells, basement membrane(foundation), epithelial cells aka podocytes (outside) what cells are located on the internal surface of the bowman’s capsule -parietal epithelial cells(almost the same as podocytes) GMN -pathology of the glomeruli, inflammation of the kidney in all 3 layers Circulating immune complex depositon -Type 3 hypersensitivity rxn Anti-glomerular basement membrane -type 2 hypersensitivity rxn glomerus permeable to H2O, but not proteins & other elements of blood -nephritic syndrome which cells maintain normal BP -juxtaglomerular cells (release renin) T/F can acute proliferative GMN be treated
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