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1/22/07 Elements of Drama Plot o The action of the play Exposition o What happened before the play began Suspense o Used to build tension Rising Action o The audience wonders what is going to happen, sees the characters set in motion—questions are answered one by one Climax o When the action reaches its greatest tension—revelation is experienced by main character Movement o Stage directions and how the characters move—perhaps even the significance of their movements Theme/Spine o The message of the play
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Unformatted text preview: Falling action o The drama reaches a conclusion and the characters understand the situation and know themselves better than they did at the beginning Conflict o Between charactersplot depends on conflict Character o Who is the hero/villain? What are just there as functionary? Setting o The time and place in which the play takes place Dialogue o Verbal exchange between characters Music o How is it integral to the plot?...
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