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RADD-2712 Skeletal Radiology B Assessment Topic Type CCE # LC Page Competency Type Course # Diagnostic Studies Knowledge e.2.a 60 35 Understand the clinical indications for and the relative value of diagnostic studies. F RADD-2712 e.2.c 62 Understand the significance of findings, values, and ranges of values adequate to differentiate normal from B RADD-2712 abnormal findings obtained from laboratory and other diagnostic studies. e.2.d 63 Integrate findings obtained from diagnostic studies with information obtained from other components of the B RADD-2712 examination in the forming or assessing the diagnosis. Diagnosis f.2.a 71 36 Exhibit reasoning and understanding in using sources (such as the available literature and clinical F RADD-2712 experience) to support the diagnosis. f.2.b 72 Develop the clinical diagnosis by recognizing and correlating significant information. B RADD-2712 f.2.c 73 Identify the pathophysiologic process responsible for the patient's clinical presentation, and understand the
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