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RADD 2712 Skeletal Mets - Primary Focus BREAST LUNG...

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Unformatted text preview: Primary Focus BREAST LUNG Carcimma Carcinoid CENlTOURlNARY Kidney Carcinoma Wilms’ tumor Prostate Urinary bladder Adrenal Pheochromocytoma Carcinoma MALE AND FEMAlE REPRODUCTWE SYSTEMS Uterus: COrpus Cervix Ovary Testis THYROID CAS'I‘ROINTESWNAL TRACT Esophagus Stomach Colon Rectum Biliary tree Pancreas Liver (hepatomal HEAD, NECK, AND CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM Brain Neuroblastoma Paranasal sinuses Nasopl’larynx Salivary glands Chordoma SKlN Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma MALlCNANT NEOPLASMS OF BONE OR SOFT TlSSUES Osteoearcoma Chondrosarcoma Ewing’s tumor Flbrosarwma Vascular neoplasms (hemangiasarcoma, hemangiopericytoma) “From Murray RC), jambsen HG: Metastatic disease of the skelelen. in The Radiolugy of Skeleial Disorder; 2351 Ed. Ed ,M ~ ————— ~ CHAPTER 75 Table 275% SKELETAL METASTASEY Usual Type of Skeletal Metastasis Lytic and mixed Predominantly iytic Predominantly bone»lmmlng Lytic, expanding Lytlc Predominantly b0ne~f{>rming; lytic in older age group Predominantly lyxlc; bonewlorméng if pmsiaie involved Lyllc, expafiding Lyric Lytic Lyric or mixed Predominantly Iyiic, uccasionally bone~lorming Predcminamly lytlc, occasionally bone—forming LytiC, expanding Lyric Bane-loaning or mlxed Predominantly lylic; sccasionally bone-forming Prgdominamly iytic Lytlc Lytic Lytic Lylic or bone~lorming (usually after Craniotomy} Lytic, mixed, or bone-forming Lyiéc Lylic 0r bonelorming Lyric Lytlc Lvtic LyfiC, expanding Lyric or bone~formlng Lytlc or mixed iytlc, permeating Lytlc Lytic Relative fsequemy VERY COMMON CQMMGN leREQL/U X inburgl‘l, ‘< X K :< >: X X ::< x 7: (In u r1. "f 5%le )«X )x’ ...
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