RADD 2712 Skeletal Radiology Questions

RADD 2712 Skeletal Radiology Questions - One of the most...

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One of the most commonly missed cervical spine fractures is Unilateral interfacetal dislocation Extension teardrop Hangman’s fracture Articular pillar fractures Which of the following has the poorest prognosis Flextion teardrop fracture Hangman’s fracture Atlanto-occipital dislocation Burst fracture Lumbar spine compression fractures Can be found at all lumbar levels commonly Are uncommon lumbar spine fractures Are the most common fractures of the lunbar spine and are typically found at T12-L1 Are clinically insignificant Double vertical ipsilateral hemipelvis fracture of the rami and fracture or dislocation of the SI joint describes: Malgaigne fracture Galeazzi fracture Monteggis fracture Bucket handle fracture Compression fracture of the calcaneous resulting in a decreased Boehler’s angle may have accompanying fracture of: The talus The tibia Thoracolumbar vertebral bodies The navicular In 1983 Abraham Colles described this fracture: Distal radius fracture with radio-ulnar joint dislocation Procimal ulna fracture with anterior dislocation of the radius Radial head comminution with dislocation of the radioulnar joint Distal fracture with dorsal angulation Transverse fracture of the neck of the second and third metacarpal describes this injury Boxer’s fracture Bar room fracture Bennett’s fracture Rolando’s fracture Rheumatoid arthritis generally spares The cervical spine The lumbar spine The carpal joints The shoulder In the thoracic and lumbar spine, psoriatic arthritis is likely to manifest with:
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Course, asymmetrical non-marginal syndesmophytes Fine, marginal syndesmophytes Course, symmetrical marginal syndesmophytes Course, asymmetric osteophytes In Ankylosing Spondylitis The posterior longitudinal ligament ossifies The outer annulus ossifies The outer fibers of the anterior longitudinal ligament ossify
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RADD 2712 Skeletal Radiology Questions - One of the most...

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