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ANLS 2620 CHOP X-Ray Ordering A - C-HOP Radiology...

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Unformatted text preview: C-HOP Radiology 770-426-2766 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8-7130, Tuesday & Thursday 8-1 :30; 3-7:30 Saturday 8-1pm X-ray credits for graduating You will need a minimum 01°30 radiology credits to graduate. See. the Clinic- Radioloqr Intern Handbook for trill (length on Blackboard A minimum of 12 credits must be spinal studies. A maximum of 10 credits may be obtained as accessory credits. (SEE BELOW) A maximum of 20% of the radiographic studies may be rendered on Student/family as defined by - the Life Chiropractic Clinics. (This equates to a maximum of 6 student clinic x-rays that can be counted towards graduation.) A maximum of 8 credits can be of extra-spinal regions. NEED X-RAY CREDIT??? There are a few ways that you can accomplish this. 1st - Start new patients! The more new patients you start the better your chances for x~ rays. 2nd - Come to the radiology department and sign up on our walk—in list. There are two lists: 1) Toggle List: For interns who have not yet completed their 6 student clinic credits. If we have a patient item a Technique class that needs x—rays but does not have an intern to take them, we will call someone from this list. 22 Outside Referral List: We have many Chiropractors in the Atlanta area that refer their patients to us. We will call interns from this list to take those x—rays. This list is or 10’" ( mtrter anti (shove. *Cexe n‘es‘eritetimr must he mm iletetl the next business titty t0 receive credit an outside re ‘. “ Please be mindful that ifyeu are called for an appointment thatyou Show up a. little early for the appointment. We want to offer these patients quick and professional service, so ifyou are not here when the patient arrives, we will begin without you ACCESSORY CREDIT Accessory credit may be obtained by checking out a “Case of the Week” from the radiology department. A “Case of the Week” is a CD that contains a series or set of series”. You will need to read the x—rays for pathology and report within 2 business days of originally checking out the case. A maximum of 10 accessory credits may be obtained towards the total 30 needed for graduation. ...
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