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Unformatted text preview: Why do we care about Discs? “Level Disc Theory” “ •The optimal relationship between two bones is level on the A-P and on the Lateral. This allows complete range of motion on all planes. What Causes What Causes Intersegmental Fixation? Functional Spinal Unit The FSU is made up of the two vertebral bodies and the ligaments that hold them together. Name the Ligaments A- Posterior Longitudinal B-Intertransverse C- Supraspinous D-Interspinous E- Ligamentum Flavum F- Facet Joint Capsule G- Disc H- Anterior Longitudinal Disc Degeneration Disc Degeneration D1- Acute Swollen Disc D2- Thinning at the Posterior D3- Disc has lost 1/3rd of its heightevidence of degeneration D4- Disc has lost 2/3rds of its height D5- Total Disc is thin- advanced degeneration D6- Total Disc is Extremely thin (Vacuum Phenomena) Normal D2 D3 D6 D1 Disc. Swollen disc that occurs with an acute flexion injury. This needs to be adjusted one to two times per day for about a week. Acute D2 –D3 Disc Seen 3 times a week. Has an excellent prognosis. D6 Disc Can’t fix this­ only adjusted when D6 Disc Can’t fix this­ only adjusted when symptomatic contacting the bone below ...
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