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ANLS 2620 Week 10 Atlas Occiput

ANLS 2620 Week 10 Atlas Occiput - Atlas and Occiput Atlas...

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Unformatted text preview: Atlas and Occiput Atlas Atlas Commonly over-adjusted Atlas can be compensatory Righting reflex aka “Gravitational proprioception” Pain /soreness in upper cervical musculature Pain due to upper thoracic or lower cervical subluxation (anterior head carriage) causes added tension in neck extensors. added Wise to use SEVERAL objective findings to be Wise SEVERAL sure of the fixation component of subluxation. sure Influence of head and neck position on cerebral circulation: Obstruction of the vertebral artery Adjustments of the upper cervical spine should use primarily lateral flexion and pure movements of flexion and extension to achieve tension. Atlas or Occiput? Because of the close proximity of the occiput to atlas, all methods of examination should be included in assessment. Static palpation for edema, motion palpation, instrumentation and x-ray. When the lines for occiput and C2 are parallel, Atlas is the best choice. Atlas or Occiput When the lines for Atlas and C2 are parallel, and all other exam findings are used, occiput is the best choice PS Occiput AS Occiput ...
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