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MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF LICENSING AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS SELECTION PLAN Bureau Name: Class/Level: 1. Summary of Position Duties [Restate a brief summary of the position duties from the Position Description.] 2. The plan for notifying individuals [Describe the recruitment plan to notify individuals of the vacancy (i.e. open to all applicants and posted on the Civil Service website, open to state employees only, LARA or bureau employees only.] 3. Proposed Screening Criteria [If more applicants reply as interested than can be efficiently considered, provide a detailed statement about the planned screening criteria to be used to evaluate interested applicants, the weighting given to each screening criteria, if applicable, and the process used to apply them.] 4. Selection Criteria [Describe in detail the planned selection criteria used to evaluate candidates and the weight given to each criteria, if applicable, or attach a separate sheet detailing the Selection Criteria to be used. If a selective certification is approved for the position, attach a copy of both the request to
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