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3rd Grade Teaching - Crystal Burgess [email protected] 3rd...

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Crystal Burgess [email protected] 3 rd Grade Teaching Online Interview 1. Describe how you plan to utilize instructional technology to increase student achievement in 3rd grade in the areas of math and literacy. Various types of technology can be used to support and enhance learning as well as increase student achievement. Diverse technologies deliver different types of content and serve different purposes in the classroom. In my classroom, I plan to incorporate websites sites such as United Streaming and BrainPop to gain students interest as well as review and enhance what is being taught. Modeling software would also be used to promote the understanding of math concepts. Students can learn from computers, calculators, and games. The technology would be used essentially as tutors and serves to increase students’ basic skills and knowledge. Technology could also be used as a tool that can be applied to a variety of goals and standards in the learning process and can serve as a resource to help develop higher order thinking, creativity and research skills. Educational technology would complement my teaching and extend my reach to broaden my students' experience beyond the classroom. 2. Why would a parent in the Pleasant Ridge Community want their child in your 3rd grade classroom? Parents want to feel that their children are in a safe learning environment. As a teacher, I make it a point to have a classroom where each child is an active and important member of our learning community. I am a firm believer that a happy child is a productive child. Being in a community of learners and knowing that they are essential members students will product and perform better. Parents also want to be active in their child’s education. As an effective teacher, I want to be proactive by informing and interacting with the parents. Newsletters would be sent out year round as well as phone calls. Parents would also be encouraged to volunteer frequently in the classroom as well as field trips. 3. If you had a student who was not motivated to learn or try, how would you engage that student academically and how would you communicate the issue to his parents? I would first try to talk with the child to see if any changes had occurred recently
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3rd Grade Teaching - Crystal Burgess [email protected] 3rd...

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