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To Be Completed by the Applicant Student’s Name (please print) : __________________________________________________________________________ Student’s Signature (to authorize release of information) : ________________________________________________ Student’s Date of Birth:_______________________Name of High School: _____________________________________ High School City/State: _________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Counselor, For many years, a faculty-approved policy at Berea College has required that every student offered admission meet specific academic criteria, including the consideration of a student’s actual class rank. While class rank is not the only factor considered, it is a measure that can be useful in determining a student’s academic preparation, as well as any need for remediation. It is also a required component of athletic eligibility in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), of which Berea is a member institution. While we recognize that some school systems prefer not to calculate class rank until later in the year, as well as the fact that
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