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H U M A N R E S O U R C E S Instruction EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANT JOB SUMMARY Perform instructional activities under the direct supervision of the teacher. QUALIFICATIONS High school diploma (or GED) Sufficient experience so that with appropriate training, services may be provided in the specific role for which employed Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable ESSENTIAL FUNCTION/JOB DUTIES Report to Principal/Supervisor Required to work under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher unless otherwise assigned by the appropriate supervisor Maintain student records as directed by the classroom teacher Administer all diagnostic tools as directed by the teacher Have the primary responsibility of preparing the classroom and organizing all instructional materials and equipment as directed by the teacher Required to monitor the classroom when the teacher must attend staffings, provide
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Unformatted text preview: consultation, etc. • Required to attend all in-service and faculty meetings when directed to do so by the principal or supervisor • Must not discuss confidential school business, or student records in or out of school or with peers • Perform other routine duties as assigned by the building-level administrator subject to the approval of the supervisor • In settings involving handicapped or very young students, aides shall assist students with toileting, feeding and other self-help activities as required. Lifting, bending, and good general health and mobility are required. • Assist in the supervision of students on bus trips as directed by the building-level administrator • Lunchroom duty • Bus duty • Recess or playground duty • Before or after school duty • Establish and maintain satisfactory, respectful working relationships within the school environment • Perform other duties as assigned...
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