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GRAINGER COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION P. O. Box 38 Rutledge, TN 37861 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT Date of Application ____/____/____ Name_____________________ ______________________ ___________________ _______________________ Last First Middle Maiden Current Address ______________________________________________________________________________ Street _____________________________ ___________________ __________________________________________ City State Zip Code Date of Birth ________/________/_______ Social Security Number _______- _______-_______ E-Mail Address _________________________________ Telephone No. ______________________________ Position Desired _________________________________ Level/Subject _______________________________ Do you hold a valid Tennessee teaching license? Yes No (Please include a copy of your teacher license with application.) Teaching License Number ________________________ Expiration Date _____________________________ Areas of Certification __________________________________________________________________________ Have you met the state requirements for Highly Qualified? Yes No Are you presently under contract with another TN school system? Yes No Date available for employment ___________________________________________________________________ EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND ( A complete College or University transcript must accompany this application) Name and Address of Schools Dates: From/To Degree/Diploma Major
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WORK EXPERIENCE IN EDUCATION (List in chronological order, most recent first, your work history in educational settings) Name and Address of School Name and Address of
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  • Spring '10
  • KyraSutton
  • supervisor, P. O. Box, Social Security number, GRAINGER COUNTY DEPARTMENT, E-Mail Address _________________________________

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