WEEK 7 DAY 7 - Eliminating the traditional Kindergarten...

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Eliminating the traditional Kindergarten through twelve grade classrooms in exchange for depersonalized online classes would be the biggest mistake for students and teachers. Those who wanted to become educated, but had other important life events happening, like pursuing a career or looking after sick family, had practically no other choice at that time. So, most of these people had to drop out of high school and lose their chances of becoming graduates with the rest of their class. This had a damaging effect on their job prospects and wages. Sure, it would be nice, in theory at least, to attend class in your pajamas, but this benefit of taking online classes is far outweighed by other losses students would face with such a change. Aside from academics, one of the most important viewpoints of high school life is the social interaction that comes with daily contact with the other students. While being away from peers may be a benefit for some students, it is a disadvantage for others. High school can be a period of important social and emotional development that is reliant upon peer interaction. Plus, many young people enjoy activities like student clubs, sporting events and the prom, none of which are offered through online high schools. Bearing in mind that a large part of a student’s life revolves around this personal contact, removing this valuable part of students’ lives would be a loss that not only the students themselves would feel, but also the faculty as well. Online classrooms lack the ability to be personalized and will have a negative impact on both the social and educational lives of their
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WEEK 7 DAY 7 - Eliminating the traditional Kindergarten...

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