Lab review - Lab 4 Algae Fungi and Lichens Algae-Domain...

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Algae, Fungi and Lichens Algae -Domain Eukarya -Algae : three types, 1) division Rhodophyta (red algae) 2) division Chlorophyta (green algae) 3) division Charophyta (green algae) - Division also means phyla - Have both asexual and sexual reproductive stages that can be associated with a dinstictive ploidy level and body form. -Life cycle of red algae is especially complex with stages having three distinct body forms and two ploidy levels. This is life cycle is similar to that of sporic life of all land plants and commonly known as alternation of generations. -Termed so bcoz life cycle alternates btwn a life stage that has a diploidy body form/sporophyte (formed from fusion of 2 gametes and produces spores by meiosis) and a haploid stage that has haploid body form or gametophyte(forms from spores and produces gametes by mitosis.) Rhodophyta (Red Algae e.g Chondris sp.) -Are probably the most oldest group of eukaryotic algae. -believed to be the direct descendants of the organisms involved with the endosymbiosis of cyanobacteria. -Are morphologically quite diverse and have many different body forms including leafy and filamentous forms that are often highly branched and interwoven to form intricate and beautiful patterns. -Key characteristics : the possession of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll (both found in land plants) also lack flagellated cells at any point of the life stages phycoerythrin(soluble pigment unique to red algae) store sugar as floridean starch have thylakoids occurring singly in chloroplast Red algae are important as a food source : Nori – Polyphra .sp, commercially cultured in Japan for human consumption Dulce – Palmaria palmate Carrageenan – used as a thickening agent in ice-cream and toothpaste. Chlorophyta(ulva sp.) and Charophyta
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Lab review - Lab 4 Algae Fungi and Lichens Algae-Domain...

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